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Velvet Information

Curtain Making

Pile Direction : For curtain making we advise to use the velvet with: - pile upwards : for cotton velvets, and velvets made of mixed yarns. Making the curtain with the pile up gives a deeper and fuller colour.
- pile downwards: for Shiny (viscose) velvets and velvets with a pattern. If you make the velvet with the pile up you will loose a lot of the shiny effect.
It is also strongly recommended to line the velvet curtains, this prevents pile-loss, and colour fading through sunshine. Lining also gives a far better draping and thus a nicer general appearance.


All velvet fabric which is designated suitable for upholstery, meet the requirements of BS 5852: Part1: 1979, Ignition Source 0 (Cigarette). Fabrics containing at least 75% exempt fibre (cotton, flax, wool, viscose, silk & modal) are suitable for upholstery fixed and loose covers, if used with a schedule 3 interliner. Fabrics containing less than 75% exempt fibres will require F.R. treatment under current U.K. regulations.

Special Care

A cotton velvet is a natural product. Pressure marks, rolling stripes and smaller irregularities, which are inherent to the product, will disappear through time in a ventilated and relatively humid environment. To get the pile back in its original direction, A gentle steam can be applied to the fabric and the pile can be brushed with a soft brush.